I urgently need you

” I don’t care about the priority
Let´s break the rules and ignore society.”

― John Legend – P.D.A
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Far from the reality

“Don’t tell me things you don’t mean in the night.
Wake up the next day and tell me you lied.”

― Daley – Careless (Feat. Chiiild)
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When you’re not playing fair

“The street runs both ways, we’ve all had those days
And if you don’t see my side, then I don’t feel to try.”

― Daley – The Only One
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Bandana Day – 16th July (Sunday)

Hair Fair

Bandana Day 16th July 2017

This Sunday is not only the last day of Hair Fair 2017 but also Bandana Day. Where you can remove your hair to show you care, by wearing a Bandana purchased at the event, or grabbing one or more of the Hair Fair Hares and giving them a cuddle on the day. Whatever works for you, to show your support works for us.

We hope that you will revisit the event if you have the time this weekend, as all purchases at the event benefit Wigs for Kids, so if you need more hair, have alts that need a make-over, whatever brings you we will be here.

We also have huge symbols showing which booths have MALE hair, so that for those that may think there is never enough to get, this year it is very evident there is loads.

Bandana Booth HF17Bandanas Hair Fair 2017 - Bandana Day 16th July

Bandanas are 50L each sold as mod no copy, as…

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