Un veneno sin antídoto

“Amores, tan extraños que te hacen cínica,
te hacen sonreír entre lágrimass. “

― Laura Pausini – Amores Extranos
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Why can’t I dream

“Please don’t close your eyes
Don’t know where to look without them.”

I was walking today to do groceries and thinking how much i hated having to walk the seven minutes each time because it was a bit far from home and i could feel a headache coming up. some say it may be anxiety but to me it was me thinking all the reasons why i ddidn’t want to walk, so instead i focused my mind on the things around me like how beautiful the sky looked with a few clouds and the bright blue color of it. the colorful blooming flowers in the neighbors homes and the little boys smile as he run by inside his home. without realizing it a smile appear on my lips and i could breath in the fresh air on my way back home and even though i still had a headache, i can say it did felt good. Most times we focus so much on the reasons why we don’t want to do certain things that we miss the little things around it that are so small yet can bring us so much happiness.

everything 3
Quote of  the Day:
Many people lose the small joys in the hope for the big happiness.

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Show me something

“He said, “If you dare, come a little closer.”

Quote of  the Day:
Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.

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