Forever tonight

“When you hold me I forget,
Every word that I wanted to say.
I am feeling lost in your love,
There’s no one else for me.
I surrender, completely..”
Alaine- No Ordinary Love
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21 days to create a habit

“That feels good,
So so amazing”
FKA twigsHow’s That

Its hard sometimes to pick which makeup will suit my mood on a certain day like for today. I realized I have more makeup than I remembered having and im sure I still have a few I didn’t even opened yet.
So lately I have been thinking also that it seems way harder to pick up where i left a few months back and creating a whole new habit but as they say a habit takes at least 21 days to form, so I am going to put it to a test.It doesn’t matter what the theme is, but I will try my best to post something every single day for these upcoming 21 days. So wish me luck.


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