“They share a look in silence
And everything is understood.”

― Hurts – Wonderful Life
Something in the air

My favorite Season is Spring and I always look forward to it not only because it’s the end of a cold and rainy season but because it’s that time of the year where you see so many pretty flowers grow.

They pop their tiny heads outside the cold muddy ground as a way to remind you that no matter how difficult and cold a season may seem to you, be ready and prepare the ground for the new seeds to flower in that rough patch you are experiencing.

After every rain comes the sunshine and same with after every rough winter season comes the beautiful spring.
Something to look forward to every year. ♥

I hope you enjoy my post.
XOXO, Zivaah


JfL Real Hats Wide brim Fedora hat (hipster) charcoal
(Yummy) Diamond Septum Ring – Gold
*LODE* Hand Accessory – Freesia [bright purple] –  Chapter Four
Emery Susan Embroidered Skirt Black – Collabor88
The Secret Store – Irina Crop Sweater – Dove – Collabor88

Exile:: Don’t Look Back – Collabor88
Nailed It – All in One – Basics – Pinks Set – SWANK EVENTS



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