Head stuck in a cycle

“And if you say something that you might even mean
It’s hard to even fathom which parts I should believe.”

― Lady Gaga – Million Reasons
Head stuck in a cycle

Lyrical B!zarre Templates created a really beautiful elegant long dress, yet I just had this image stuck in my head, so what should I have done?
We can blame the wings for this, the details on the wings are just to precious to pass by and i think the quote;“How a hat makes you feel is what a hat is all about.” fits JFL REAL HATS perfectly or is it just something I made up?

How ever you want to see it, wearing head accessories always gives me tons of creative ideas and his very realistic creations don’t stay behind.
Funny thing now I remember; I was looking head over heels for a bolero hat I couldn’t find none matching, so a fellow second lifer created one for me and this was like over 4 or 3 yrs ago, I think?
Kudos to the one that can still find that picture or remembers it.

If you want to see the full dress take a peak at her flickr.

I almost forgot also to add a bigger picture because I do think the nail details were not that visible in the picture but this group gift from Nailed it is perfect for this Halloween as a final addition to your costume.
Nailed it HUD - Maitreya - Halloween 2016 Set
I hope you enjoy my post.
XOXO, Zivaah


!Lyrical B!zarre Templates!Swan –  Freakshow by Scala
JfLReal Hats 
Bolero hat V.3 (Sombrero Cordobes) black
Nailed It – All in One – Halloween 2016 GROUP GIFT

Kibitz – Skelly riing set
LaGyo_Ophelie Long Earring – Gold
*LODE* Face Accessory – Oliv [original]

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