It ‘s official!!! I will be competing in Miss Virtual World 2015 this year, after weeks of preparing my styling and checking poses and make sure all was prim perfect , even when i was still not sure of it all. I think i am never sure of my final work, because i can always seem to  find something wrong  and end becoming stressed out and nervous. I wanted a very glamorous look  and at the same time very modern and this is the result of my styling, i really liked this dress because its so sparkly and shiny like a million stars in the sky.  Also  I was wearing  jewelry from my Official Sponsor,  Chop Zuey  and i am so happy that  Belle Roussel has agreed to  help me in this journey. All i can say is that i will promise to do my best in all the challenges and enjoy them at the same time as the amazing experience it is.


Quote of the Day:
“Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are.” 
― Niccolò Machiavelli

*MLC* Mayavati Glamor : by Mohna Lisa Couture
*Glance Skins – Sigrid – June – Eyeshadow 08
MONS / Makeups – Lucious Lipgloss – red
Chop Zuey  LW Plat/ChmpDiam Stud Earrings
Chop Zuey IK-Kinshi-Bai Necklace Champagne
Son!a Forever Ring Gold Silver
Action Mesh Hair Paul Veganic V2
I hope you enjoy my post.
XOXO, Zivaah

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