“Explosions…on the day you wake up
Needing somebody and you’ve learned
It’s okay to be afraid”
– Ellie Goulding – Explosions
Just one more day for the Hair Fair to officially open and due to my participation in the contest i was granted early access and i was more than happy to indulge in the beauty of the sim  without lag  and so much creativity from the hair creators. After taking a look around my attention was captured by the cutnesof the hairstyles  i am showcasing from Ohmai Salon. I love accessories with hairstyles and these animated birdies comes with a special hud and so many colors to suit any taste. even the hat or the bird comes separate so you can wear it with other hairstyles or combine it with other of her creations like i did. One thing to remember is that these  amazing  hairstyles are  for a great cause and charity.

The 9th annual Hair Fair runs July 12th – 27th
For more info check the Hair fair blog

Hair Fair 2014 Logo with dates

Ricielli for TDR – Basic Tank / Military
Deesses Skins: Glamour lipstick – Angel
!Ohmai Salon: Callia [Grayscale Pk] –  Hair Fair ( soon)
!Ohmai Salon: Eli [Grayscale Pk] –  Hair Fair ( soon)
!Ohmai Salon: Newreem [Grayscale Pk] –  Hair Fair ( soon)
I hope you enjoy my post.
XOXO, Zivaah

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