Hair Fair Photo Contest Winners Announcement

Congrats to the winners , pretty awesome pictures and im so happy to have placed in the 7 chosen ones .. thank you so much and i can hardly wait for this amazing fair!!!

Hair Fair Second Life

We are so happy to announce the winners of this years Hair Fair Photo Contest. The winners will be contacted by the committee in the next 48 hours, and we are so grateful for the wonderful submissions in this years contest.

1st place winner :

Prettyparkin Rexen

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

2nd place winner :

Mistyway Resident

Bard's tales Hair Fair 2014 Contest

3rd place winner :

Astralia Resident

"Swan" [Astralia - Hair fair 2014 photo contest]

Congratulations to these incredibly talented people.

The following 7 runners up are in no particular order, and they all resonated with us so strongly.

Cherylblossoms Resident

Cherylblossoms Resident

Blanche Foxclaw
"Let go... it's alright. There is beauty in the breakdown."

Zivaah resident

Hair Fair 2014 Contest Entry #1 Zivaah resident

Tigo Volare

Boat on the River - Hair fair 2014 entry 1

Ziekling Bunnyhug

Hair Fair 2014 Contest Entry #2 Mermaid Lure

Lovely Orchid

The songtress by Sitletto Bodenhall

Isabelli Anatine


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