As always i fell asleep while waiting for my tour in the  SL 11 birthday sims and so first thing i went to the sims and took a pod to look around,silly me couldn’t get on it  and end lag walking into the water. Once you get on the pod you will immediately receive a popup menu for the speed regulator and more. I wanted to also take picture but  first i couldn’t figure the  speed and everything was moving to quick for me, funny but i will have to do this trip again. All i could see on my way was free kittycat on the left  but ask me where was my left? After sitting a while and admiring the beautiful creations, im still  amazed with all the exhibitions,  it is all so creative and beautiful. One tip for this adventure is go with a friend , you will have lots of fun  while doing the hunt and exploring the history of second life.

The event with all performances will run from
22. June to 29. June 2014.
23. June 2014 is the actual birthday.
From 29. June until 6. July 2014
– the sims remain open only without live music performances.
There are 243 exhibitors.
 Important Landmarks
Dont forget to visit the welcome  area to pickup all the necessary  note card  and your map for a more easy and pleasant adventure.
The Landmarks of the Exhibition Sims/Regions
– SL11B Astound
– SL11B Beguile
– SL11B Enchant
– SL11B Fascinate
– SL11B Pizzazz
– SL11B Spectacular
– SL11B Spellbound
– SL11B Wonderous
Special Landmarks
– SL11B Astonish Live Stage
– SL11B Impressive DJ Stage
– SL11B Enchant Cake Stage
– SL11B Wonderous Gift Parcel
– SL11B Wonderous Linden Gift Vendors
– YavaScript pod tours @ SL11B Spectacular (exibition)
There is so much to look at and so much  to explore , i am happy that its not only one day  because it would take several days to explore everything  and i had so much fun playing with my wind-light settings to give certain exhibitions a more  magical  glow in a picture because you have to see them  in all their glory to appreciate it and a simple picture will not do all the creativity justice.  So hop on one of  the pods with a friend or a group and enjoy Secondlife 11th Birthday.
Quote of  the Day:
“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt
I hope you enjoy my post.
XOXO, Zivaah

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