“Just because you drive a Benz
I’m not going home with you.
You won’t get no nookie or the cookies
I’m no rookie.”

I was searching through  my inventory while regretting having deleted some stuff from way back . I  found a wedding ring  and so far i remember i never been proposed to  or something  but wait, i was proposed to once but that wasn’t the  ring and i don’t recall buying this ring also. I think i have short memory  or like i call it selective memory loss ? I found a really pretty ring and i don’t remember how i got it, so now i was thinking whats the strangest thing you have found in your inventory and don’t recall how you got it  or that you had it?

Quote of  the Day:
God save us from people who mean well.
…Mutresse… Guzla Shorts – 13 Colors
1992 // Muscle Crop Top (BOSSY) GROUP GIFT!
Izzie’s – Lipstick dark blackberry
Deesses Skins: Jamila
Son!a Forever Ring Gold Silver
ShadZ – Good Girls DO Bad Things – Classic
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant
*MC* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD
IKON Spectral Eyes – Dune
Eaters Coma – HAIR 46 / NOIR
I hope you enjoy my post.
XOXO, Zivaah

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