“But I wish I could feel it all for you
I wish I could be it all for you
Lately i been playing around on the role play sims which i find extremely relaxing and fun  to my surprise because all i been hearing is drama and more drama  around role play games. Something we seem to forget is that its a game and i am not saying that whole second life we should treat people like game characters but if you knowingly join a role play game then yes you are playing a game. Every issue arising in the game and not outside should stay there, just there and as soon you leave the sim, you can go around second life with out having to care about drama following you. Now it might not exactly happen this way which is why role play game have such a bad name at times but it is fun and should be fun, nothing else.
I haven’t tried playing in ages when i used to play on a forum  because we do encounter some people i like to call “English grammar nazis”. Its like they sit to correct every single sentence you write and even point out that you are on a social and English network, you should be able to speak proper English but last time i check internet is world wide so how can somebody know what language one person sees on their screen? English is the world spoken language, everybody knows that  but have you even consider that some of these people that don’t speak proper English actually speak more language than you?
Ok, enough of me rambling about why i stop trying to do role play games and i am pointing out here, that i don’t really care any more and its up to the person if they want to have fun  or not or be a pain in the butt about it. Adding that because of my recent interest in  role play games i been also searching many  role play games attires on market place and events, two events that just started and did catch my eyes were the We ❤ Role-play!   and The Secret Affair!! SSShhhh, where the creators really excel themselves in creativity and imagination when it  comes to creating items for second life.  All i can say is that i am a fan and will continue checking these events and more upcoming  events like these because after all second life is to have fun right?
Quote of  the Day: 
“It’s time to come clean
And make sense of everything
It’s time that we found out who we are
Cause when I’m standing here in the dark
I see your face in every star
. ”
― Ellie Goulding – Guns And Horses


I hope you enjoy my post.
XOXO, Zivaah 

Style Me:

*LpD* – *Liz* Top & Skirt Blue (Mesh) – Chapter Four
*Glance Skins  – Tian – SKT07
Glam Affair – Bohemian Romance Aquamarina
.aisling. LadyOfHighgarden – Hands ( Gold ) – The Secret Affair!! SSShhhh
.aisling. LadyOfHighgarden – RARE NECKLACE ( Gold ) – The Secret Affair!! SSShhhh
MONS / Makeups – black eyeliner series-6
Essences – Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow 01
Just Magnetized – Visage Beauty Marks set 08
Deesses Skins: Glamour lipstick – Bable Brown
IKON Promise Eyes – Dune
~Tableau Vivant~ Valentin Hair – Fall – Fameshed
Enhancement :
Slink Mesh Hand Elegant

Disclaimer:  I  am trying to begin a habit of adding all the items with the landmark and if you see anything not posted don’t be afraid to contact me and ask.


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